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About "Obama's Day in the Sun" by Jackson Baker, concerning the new president's inauguration:

"The comments here have demonstrated why Memphis is ... well, Memphis. Every single subject — and we're talking about anything — is reduced to race. Black/white. It is the reason this city will never be great. While the rest of the country is moving on and is basically striving to become post-racial, we are still mired in white vs. black, Civil War politics. No wonder our nickname is Funky Town. Grow up, people. If this place cannot get past skin color, we will eventually dry up and die." — rantboy

About "Shades of Gray" by Chris Davis, concerning the coal-ash spill in East Tennessee:

"The water windmills disrupt the twiddle fish's natural mating habitat. Thus in turn the goople fish in the Delta doesn't have the twiddle fish's offspring to feed on. So the goople fish dies off and we all know, as the goople fish goes, we all go." — 38103

About "Bush Out, Obama In: Hallelujah!" by Marty Aussenberg:

"Nice job, Gadfly, great observations. You are right, many out there will actually look for Obama to walk on water and rather quickly. Our country has dug itself a huge hole to climb out of and it's going to take quite a bit of time to right the ills of Bush's legacy (whether it's his fault or not). So, for now, patience, good people, patience." — TruthbKnown

Comment of the Week:

About "Obama's Day in the Sun" by Jackson Baker:

"Q: How many Harvard grads does it take to screw up the oath? A: At least two."

— tomguleff

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