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About "Fly on the Wall" and Chris Davis' account of police breaking up a cockfighting ring:

"Too bad. I heard those roosters lost lucrative deals with Kellogg's. They were going to be on cornflakes boxes, but that's all a wash after this news broke. But rumor is that KFC picked 'em up. Seems they're pretty interested — what with them already being marinated and all." — PD

About "The Rant," where Randy Haspel points out the hypocrisy of enforcing laws against marijuana:

"The difference between smoking cannabis and robbing a bank is self-evident. If you think people should go to jail for possessing a plant and harming no one then you're an evil person and a danger to a peaceful society." — ganjablue

"Michael Phelps didn't do anything at 23 that George W. Bush wasn't doing at 43. BTW, I couldn't care less if it's illegal, it's a stupid set of laws. Only the authoritarians get their lacy panties that they all wear under their gray flannel suits in a wad over something as inconsequential as some kid taking a hit on a bong." — packrat

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About "Citizens at Town Hall Meeting Call for More Action on Crime," by Jackson Baker:

"I say crank up the electric chair, gas chamber, and firing squad every day for about 2 hours. Talk about a stimulus package. This would greatly eliminate the money we are paying for these pieces of garbage in prison and send a message to the street!!!" — justbud38134

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