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About "Who Wants to Watch Watchmen?" by Greg Akers:

"I hadn't seen such a bad piece of crap movie like this since Waterworld. B-O-R-I-N-G! I actually wanted the screen to just go ahead and blow up, since everything else in the movie had been blown up." rantboy

About "Tennessee's Four Largest Dailies Agree to Share News Content":

"Peoples of Tennessee, how do I apply for job as Commissar of News That Fits? I have many Idea (or two) for Content of Interest. Sincere, Budding Journalist." — herb_pJr

About "Winners" and the Memphis Tigers by Frank Murtaugh:

"Man, I hate to see this ride coming to an end. It's been an awesome journey following these legends." — rcrogers

About "Controversial Plan for Overton Park?" by Mary Cashiola:

"The plundering of Memphis' historic park assets continues, with Cindy Buchanan ... doing the nefarious bidding of the various fatcats who never set foot in Overton Park. Her legacy already includes having turned Memphis' historic amusement park into a vacant lot and setting the stage for the Fairgrounds to increase asphalt coverage beyond comprehensible levels. Asinine!" — denise parkinson

Comment of the Week:

About "The Rant" and Tim Sampson's take on certain conservative pundits:

"Rush is more than just the man. He's at least two men, plus one Dominican boy and a bottle of Viagra." — Jeff


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