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Last week's "Letter from the Editor" and Bruce VanWyngarden's argument that allowing guns in bars is a really, really bad idea provoked — as you might expect — considerable reaction:

"Having my left cheekbone blown off of my face while I'm having a mojito with my wife? Très chic!" — Phlo

"If some crazy shoots up the Arcade while I am having a Pert sandwich, I am going to be pissed. Rootin Tootin." — 38103

"Nothing goes together like alcohol and firearms."


"Ten years ago, a friend of mine lost his brother from a fatal gunshot in a restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina. He was actually sitting at the bar, waiting for them to call his table, and got caught in the crossfire between two guys who started arguing over a recent football game. My buddy has never really gotten over it. When I was talking to him a few days ago, he mentioned this bill and said he couldn't believe the Tennessee legislature would actually vote for such an outrageous lack of common sense." — rantboy

Comment of the Week:

About — yes, you guessed it — the "Letter from the Editor":

"We don't care what the Memphis Flyer thinks. We don't. We really don't." — DrPeaches

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