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About "A Primer on Budgeting" and ways to raise revenue without increasing property taxes:

"Memphis could build a wall to stop the flow to the suburbs, block off all small streets leading out of the city, and put toll gates on both bridges and all major streets leading in. Or better yet, surround the city with an electric fence and make everybody wear a pain collar." — jeff

About "One Sentence Reviews: Noël Coward's Fallen Angels":

"I walked away from that show feeling that I'd witnessed a group of people — many of whose work I've enjoyed in the past — doing yeoman's work on a project that was in almost every way undeserving of the effort. The combination of having so very little happen and taking so long to do it is just deadly." — Headphones

About "Mulroy's Salvage Mission Finally Succeeds: Green Bay to Get the Zippin Pippin":

"Tassle-loafered elites should be tied to the rusting tracks of the Pippin, so we curly-toe slippered elites can assume our rightful place and rule the Fairgrounds. Let us don our smoking jackets and our fezes and storm the chain link fences of Liberty(land)!" — jeff

About "MCS: Experience Needed?," suggesting the school board members could use more political experience:

"Well if we pattern ourselves on the way the state is dispersing federal funds meant for the Med, maybe we can take money meant for — I don't know — highway bridge maintenance and redirect it to the city schools. They are sort of related — school buses use some of those bridges." — urbanut

Comment of the Week:

About "The Opening Ceremonies Dud" and the Winter Olympics:

"That opening ceremony reminded me of Waiting for Guffman. A poorly executed snore-fest put together with paper mache. To you Canadians, you are a bright and creative country. You are home to Cirque du Soleil, for God's sake. You deserved better representation. PS — Wayne Gretzky is your national treasure, and you stuck him in the back of a pickup truck." — esh


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