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About "Consolidation: Call Off the Dogs":

"Why doesn't Fred Smith take over Memphis city government and run it like he does FedEx? Fred can correct all the wrongs of this city and once he has completed that task, then perhaps I will give consolidation more thought." — SayItAintSO

About "The Ole Miss Bear" and the school's new mascot:

"The Ole Miss Bootlegger would have been much better and more historically accurate, seeing as bourbon and branch water go with Mississippi like mud." — Packrat

About "Dangerous Data" and Forbes magazine's rating of Memphis as America's "most dangerous" city:

"Memphis can't win on this issue. You either dumb down your reports and get called on it, or you report everything and end up on this stupid ranking. I say we send some Vice Lords to the Forbes offices to straighten this out." — 38103

About "Toxic Shock" and the 10 worst polluters in Shelby County:

"Writing an article which identifies the heavy polluters is a good thing; however, tying it to race is absolutely stupid. The plants have nothing to do with this. This town is based on real estate and we are the ones who sold them the land to build on." — Tdh3

Comment of the Week:

About "Pig, Leg" and offerings from the Mexican bakery La Espiga, including an oddly shaped object called a "piema":

"Are you sure the proper translation is leg?" — mad_merc

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