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bout "Valuing the Worker" and the pay gap between CEOs and hourly employees:

"The CEOs have no reason to pay anything other than the bare minimum. They have become a class of mini-barons." — 38103

About "Et Tu, Al? Sharpton Comes to Memphis and Adds His Thrust Against Consolidation":

"Now that Al is against consolidation, maybe more suburbanites will vote for it." — Mayfield

About "New Math" and the possibility of closing many city schools:

"I'm guessing that there is no intention of closing any schools. This ploy is laying the groundwork for some scam being devised by the School Czar Cash and his posse." — nutnbtwork

About "Haslam Sticks to His Guns" and his position on gun control:

"If I have an unencumbered right to own and carry a firearm, can I own a working .50 caliber Browning machine gun or an operational howitzer? Why the restrictions on owning fully automatic or military grade weaponry?" — packrat

About "Going National" and the 2010 election:

"How many times is the City Council going to reverse what the people vote for, only to reverse their reverse and put the item back on the ballot? Is this not the third time for the city employee residency requirement?" — mad_merc

Comment of the Week:

About "The Rant" and the crop of "know-nothings" running for Congress:

"They were called 'mugwumps' because they had their mug on one end and their wump on the other." — autoegocrat

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