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About "Davis-Kidd: When Bad Things Happen to Good Stores":

"The death of bookstores is sad indeed. They are more than just a store, as their presence fosters community, literacy, and reason. More than anything, I will miss the joy of seeing little kids in bookstores discovering new books and listening to stories. Those experiences cannot be replicated on a computer or e-reader. But alas, we cannot stop the advance of technology and the changes it will make to our future." — cd

About "'Don't Say Gay' Bill Still Alive," which would ban talk of homosexuality in state elementary and middle schools:

"This bill is only going to promote more hatred toward homosexuals. Teachers won't be able to say anything against people that are bullying gays because it will be against the law, right?" — xosabaaox

About "Game 2 Notebook: Grizzlies 91, Spurs 88":

"It used to be that I would have this impending sense of doom every time we were knotted up in a close game down the stretch; now I relish it, because I just know that we are going to somehow figure out a way to come through." — grizzdoc

About "Nuclear Option" and a bill allowing nuclear waste in Tennessee landfills:

"It makes perfect political sense to block this bill. Much like defunding schools and health care, if you allow dumping of nuclear waste in the landfills, people end up so dumb and sick they're bound to vote Republican." — jeff

Comment of the Week:

About "Memphis Police Accidentally Arrest an Officer" after finding his fingerprints on stolen goods — uh, because he had earlier processed the crime scene:

"We actually pay these Keystone Kops?" — PasserBy

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