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About "Memphis Beat: At the River":

"'Somewhat surprising' that this was renewed? More like shocked. Plot clichés, painful dialogue, poor acting. They don't even bother to make sure the references are correct. It just seems lazy at best. Memphis is colorful enough to inspire a real TV show shot on Memphis locations. By not embracing Memphis and letting it be Memphis, this mediocrity is nearly as bad for the city as those 48 Hours episodes."


About Millington Republican Terry "Roland 'Bites Back' in Energetic Attack on City, Commission Adversaries":

"Let's be kind to Millington, people; after all, if Memphis is ever threatened by terrorists, we're going to need the fleet from the Navy base to come to our defense." — M_Awesomeberg

About "Letter from the Editor" and the battle between man and bird-feeder-emptying squirrels:

"I just stuff my bird-feeder with jalapeño poppers. Trouble is, I have sparrows constantly ringing my doorbell in search of a cold Samuel Adams. Weird." — phlo

Comment of the Week:

About "Participants at 'Justice for All' Rally Resolve to 'Speak Together ... Shout Together'":

"Imagine my disappointment when I realized this wasn't a rally for Metallica fans."

— Shane of Memphis

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