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About "She Doesn't Want to Go to College":

1) Chase the dream. You only live once. 2) You'll suck at school if you don't want to be there. 3) School won't teach you jack about running a business (better information exists at Borders for $19.99). 4) And if you end up at school 3 to 4 years later, you'll be there because you want to, and you'll do much better.

It's about knowledge, and where you get it from doesn't matter." — 38103

About "The Rant" and "this greatest generation nonsense":

"Congrats, you drugged-up morons. You have now published something so stupid, it is unworthy of being placed in the bottom of my bird cage (its normal resting place). Everything you enjoy about this society, you condemn and everyone who fought to give it to you, you trash. MOVE TO FRANCE!!!" — C-Dog

About "It's Your Last Day in Memphis":

"I recently had my last day in Memphis. I drove to the Harahan Bridge and walked all the way out to the dead center of the Mississippi River and just hung around for about an hour. I may or may not have inhaled. I'll just say I'm glad that Homeland Security didn't show up to ask me why I was out in the middle of a highway bridge for no particular reason." — autoegocrat

Comment of the Week:

About "Cup and Saucer and God" and — oh, you'll have to read it for yourself:

"Clearly, Susan's mug worship is a result of a theological deathwish. Perhaps we should see if she floats." — jeff

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