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About "Wisconsin Voter Photo ID Law to Be Challenged in Federal Court," which prompted a wide range of comments:

"Trump/Bieber 2012!"

About "Southaven Mayor's Coming Out Story Goes Viral":

"I never cease to be amazed by how the right-wing folk have such blinders about so many things. Do they get up and put those on every morning, like their socks?"

About "Dog Beds at New Shelter Already Showing Signs of Wear":

"Seems to me they'd do better with simple Astroturf lining the cage and a thick towel. Whatever the heck that plastic-coated metal dealie is, I sure wouldn't want to sleep on it. Astroturf and a towel for me, if you ever catch me without my tags."

About "Mason YMCA Members Protest Closing":

"So the Y is supposed to come up with $2.6 million to repair the building out of nowhere? Believe it or not, a nonprofit isn't likely to have that kind of cash just sitting around in a rainy-day fund." — A

Comment of the Week:

About "PETA Billboard in West Memphis Compares Pigs and Dogs":

"Why doesn't anybody ever speak up for the humble cabbage? There it sits, chillin' in the sun, when somebody comes along and, in a moment of supreme terror, decapitates it. Have you ever seen its stem weep? Some cabbages are ruthlessly forced to grow in cramped conditions on a tiny plot of dirt, fed a diet of rotting garbage and worm poop, and ruthlessly slaughtered even before they have a chance to complete the life cycle by flowering and producing seeds." — jeff

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