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About "God Hates Fags in Tennessee Schools" and a bill proposed by the Family Action Council of Tennessee:

"As kids learning biology in England during the dark ages (1970s), we laughed at the history of the Scopes trials and the banning of teaching evolution. We have evolved since then to the point where our beloved wackos in Nashville are regressing on pretty much everything. I wonder how many years until they revisit the whole thing about women voting? Pretty soon, we will make number one on a Forbes list of "10 dumbest states."

"The viciousness and rank evil of these worthless people who parade under a banner of 'Christian values' never ceases to amaze me. Family Action Council is comprised of fascist thugs; that they are allowed any influence in this state is an embarrassment to every citizen."

About "Letter from the Editor" and the end of the world, according to the Mayans:

"It's my uneducated understanding that the end of the Mayan calendar clearly says 'continued on next stone' but the carver ran out of round tuits."
— Scott Banbury

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