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About "Snow Day Provisions for Memphis":

"I'm originally from the North, so it takes a lot to get me to stockpile foodstuffs. If we were truly facing a crippling storm, my list would include a good whiskey, a 12-pack of beer, various fish and meat, good crusty bread, and wine. I may not survive for long, but I'll be damned if I don't go out happy and fat." — rustedpeace

About "Michael O. Minor, 'The Pastor Who Banned Fried Chicken,' To Speak Friday":

"Congrats for taking such a bold stand on an issue that is so deep-rooted in our community. We know that what we eat is killing us, yet we refuse to even cut back. Stand strong!!!" — shellbaby03

About "Jack White to Play New Daisy March 13th":

"I am so disappointed that I couldn't get tickets. I think he would be pissed that scalpers scooped them all up and are now charging up to six times the amount online. This needs to be fixed somehow, New Daisy. He finally comes to Memphis, and none of his real fans can afford to hear him play." — Jennifer Gross Steinmetz

Comments of the Week:

About "Letter from the Editor" and President Obama's stand on contraceptive health care:

"Who needs contraception when the rhythm method works so well?"

— M_Awesomeberg

"I find that having a good rhythm usually leads to pregnancy." — BartlettVol

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