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About "Can the Hysteria" and a plea for facts about the school merger:

"Hmm, you want cold hard facts? Over ONE BILLION dollars spent for a school system that can only get 4 percent of its graduates college-ready. A leadership more concerned about its own personal advancement and the bra size of its subordinates. A school system that 1/3rd of the students never receive a high school diploma."


About "Haywood County Students Claim Principal Made Homophobic Remarks":

"The schoolhouse isn't a hotel. School is an educational institution, not a place to get your freak on! I've known Ms. Bond for years, and some of the things they're saying she 'said' [are] way out of her character. Maybe sometimes things could've been said a little differently; however, it needed to be said!" — Ashley

About "Looking Back: Reunions, Hank Williams, Davy Jones, and Al Green" (and the author's preference for Canoe cologne):

"Enjoyable read. I was a Hai Karate man. I guess that's why I couldn't get a date." — phlo

Comments of the Week:

About "Real Classy, TNGOP" and the Republican Party chairman's remarks about the resignation of a Democrat, saying "Another One Bites the Dust":

"Surely I cannot be the only person amused that the 'Don't Say Gay' Party quoted Freddie Mercury. That's like having Rick Santorum quoting Oscar Wilde." — rick.maynard1

"It's like Paula Deen quoting Richard Simmons." — autoegocrat


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