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About "Cohen's Example" and the congressman's boycott of Clear Channel because it hosts Rush Limbaugh, which prompted all sorts of interesting comments, such as:

"One of my cats sometimes mediates and/or breaks up fights between the others or between the dog and another cat. And I am 100% sure that this cat has never read the Bible." — Miss Tea

About the "Bar Exam" bar guide:

"Parks! is my favorite contemporary bartender hands down, but Lafayette and Leonard Draper set the standard in Memphis years ago — Leonard's Madras is legendary!" — Lauran Wingo

About "Public Space" and how budget cuts are affecting park services:

"I can recall maybe a half a dozen times I've see city park maintenance crews actually mowing grass or planting something. I have, on the other hand, seen crews sitting in their vehicles, smoking, sleeping, anything but actually doing what they are getting paid for." — lifespalette

About "Naifeh Says He Will Retire After End of Current Session":

"Advance notice that the Democrats won't be taking back the House any time soon." — GWCarver

Comment of the Week:

About "Actual 2011 Attendance at Liberty Bowl Stadium Was 100,000 Less Than Announced":

"I still think the best option is to plug up all the outlets, fill it with water, and stock it with bass. Maybe it could see double use if we start a sport naval battle league. You know, pit two famous warships from antiquity against each other — Queen Anne's Revenge against the Merrimac, Roman galley vs. Hawaiian war canoe, that sort of thing." — jeff

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