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About "The School-Merger Muddle":

"It's going to be tough to improve MCS or the new SCS. Merging won't fix it. ... The only way for students from those backgrounds to make progress and get out of the cycle of poverty is for leadership to come from within. The hard part is finding leaders willing to invest the time and energy required to either force parental involvement or somewhat replace parental involvement." — GroveReb84

About "Inked Out" and a tattoo artist's struggles to open a business on Broad:

"I'm an educated professional woman in Memphis and, yes, I have a tattoo, as do many of my friends and colleagues. And, guess what? We all have money to spend on dining, shopping, art, etc. Broad Avenue wants to have an image as an artistic, creative community. So what is wrong with allowing a well-respected tattoo artist to have a business there?" — Margaret Banks

About "The Line or the Lottery" and getting kids in good schools:

"I refuse to believe that Memphis City Schools cannot provide fair-minded and tolerant educational opportunities within all of their schools. There is no reason in Hades that these parents should just pray and wait and hope that they can just somehow pull off through sheer luck having their own child attend a school with proper academics." — merlin

Comments of the Week:

About "The Rant" and the Trayvon Martin killing in Florida:

"The dust from this incident has a long way to go before it settles, and anyone who says (or thinks) otherwise has a personal agenda and/or is a fool and is worthy of absolutely no credence whatsoever." — M_Awesomeberg

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