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About "County Commission Passes Resolution Urging Legislature to Nix Municipal School Bills," which somehow invited comments about nerds versus the "cool" kids at school:

"Physicists are rock-and-roll gods in the world of research science." — barf

About "Schools Panel Should Leave Everything on the Field":

"We think we are in a sound position legally, and the threat of lawsuits scares nobody. We got the money for court fights and plenty to spare. I don't have a clue if the opponents also have those resources. I know the city of Memphis does not. But whoever takes us on better bring their checkbook." — ArlingtonPop

About "Dear Governor Haslam":

"You have given me hope. I am seriously considering getting out of this state because of the hatred being spewed by the legislature, and I am not sure I can continue to live in a state that seems more intent on an agenda of exclusion rather than focusing on job creation and promoting this state. It is possible that there are enough people like yourself that one day they will realize what they are doing." — George Grayson

Comment of the Week:

About "Norris' School Bills Finally Get Through":

"Shelby County has nothing to do with the city educating the children. The problem is the fluoride we put in the water, which dumbs everybody down and makes everyone sedentary. Well, it's good for your teeth, yeah, and it's also good to make your brain dead if you did any research. It's a poison."

— New Joke Order


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