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About "What a Racquet: Prince is Bankrupt" (the tennis company, not the musician):

"I heard that Prince went broke when he tried to sell a line of electric guitars shaped like tennis racquets. Shoulda stuck to the weird white dove and ankh-inspired axes. Out of his league — apparently he had never heard of banjos." — remotepatroller

About "Letters to the Editor" and one reader's notion that instead of moving the Ramesses statue to the U of M, it should have been sledge-hammered:

"I'll pay $5 for your hammerfest if you'll join me tomorrow in Cordova in front of the Genghis Grill to protest the Great Khan, whose murderous reign makes Ramesses II look like a girl scout." — jeff

About "Art Therapy at the Brooks Receives NEA Grant":

"We rarely see anything at Brooks that is challenging, modern, or provocative. When an institution relies on attendance from schoolchildren to boost its attendance numbers, we end up with bland, suburban, mainstream art for children, not adults." — truth be told

About "Party Lines" and the school-merger:

"I'm not sure what makes this either a Democratic or Rebublican issue — is there now a Republican or Democratic way to educate children?" — noah

Comments of the Week:

About "Whole Foods' New Store," which will be an expansion of their old store:

"And so the area of Memphis that started the concept of eating healthy, whole foods — Midtown — remains without a health-food store." — slap happy

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