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About "New Leaders at The Commercial Appeal" and the departure of the publisher and vice president of sales:

"At the end of the CA article: 'Comments » Disabled.' LOL, you've got to be kidding me." — tomguleff

About "Democrats Go First" and the party's support of marriage equality:

"It would be helpful if the truth were told about the sex education reform bill you mention. It does not implicate as a 'gateway sexual activity' things like hand-holding and kissing. The bill actually requires that 'gateway sexual activities' involve the touching of the 'intimate parts' of another's body, defined as the 'inner thigh, genitals, buttocks and breast' and then only if a reasonable person intended it for sexual gratification or arousal." — PublicSquare

About "Detroit Photo Diary" and our editor's visit during the AAN convention:

"What I wanna know about Detroit is how, despite all the rumors of its imminent demise as a city, it manages to keep, and support, FOUR — count 'em, FOUR — big-league sports teams, three of the largest car manufacturers in the world (admittedly, thanks in part to taxpayer resuscitation), and a top-10 symphony orchestra, among its many other amenities. By that standard, Memphis has long since been on the coroner's slab." — M_Awesomeberg

Comment of the Week:

About "Airport Forum Blames High Memphis Airfares on Fuel Prices, Lack of Competition":

"Remember back in the day when flyers who flew on Delta would repeat the old saw that said if Jesus came back, he'd have to go through Atlanta? It's pretty clear we'll be returning to those days again. Except, now that Delta is the only game in town, Memphis International is poised to become an airport that basically offers 150 flights a day to Atlanta." — cd

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