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About "Moving Equality Forward Fundraiser":

"As a Democrat, I wish the gays wouldn't attach their agenda to my party. They have caused the Democratic Party to lose big-time in the South. If the Democrats sloughed off the radical gay agenda, then we could start making inroads into the South again." — Tyler Sutton

About "The Ritz Maneuver" and the proposal for a county sale tax:

"Looks like Mike the RINO is proud to be the new leader of the CC8, who are doing more to drive a massive wedge between urban and suburban interests than Dr. Herenton ever dreamed of. While citizens of Germantown (I'm one) only want local control over neighborhood schools, Mike Ritz and his cronies appear to revel in complete alienation of the suburbs in every way possible. And interestingly enough, in this instance anyway, he's screwing Memphis as well. Someone needs to pull his chain before the damage becomes permanent."


About "Letter from the Editor" and the Romney/Ryan ballot:

"These men are two peas in a pod. Both are frauds, and the only hope they have of winning is that they can disenfranchise enough Democratic voters in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida so that election results are questionable, thus leaving it up to the Supreme Court to pick the president again." — cd

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About "State Senator Jim Kyle: Tennessee Gun-Carry Laws May Soon Be Extinct":

"Nothing says civilized society like every man and his dog walking around with ammo bandoleers strapped across their chest. Oh wait a minute, that's Syria. My bad, carry on." — mad_merc

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