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About "Unplanned Parenthood" and problems with Christ Community Health Services:

"CCHS is a provider on my health insurance. I would not go there if I were bleeding from my eyes, much less go to a church-affiliated clinic for reproductive health issues. They lied. They lied and said they were ready to provide the services they were contracting for. They lied, plain and simple."

Michelle Swanson Bliss

About "Why School Desegregation Cases Seem To Go On Forever":

"I guess I just don't understand what racial percentages have to do with equal education. If we believe racial percentages matter so much, how do you address counties that are 90 percent one race? Do they just get unequal education?" — GroveReb84

About "Luttrell Vetoes County Sales Tax Hike, Setting Up Showdown":

"It's amazing how this whole school fight has led to nothing but tax increases for all sides. Memo to the politicians: It's called raising the 'stakes,' not raising the 'taxes.'" — Still Living in Berclair

About "Now or Never" and county commissioner Steve Mulroy's defense of a county sales-tax hike:

"I'm voting against it, as should the citizens of Memphis. They have already had their taxes raised in the past to pay for funding the schools, and now they are being asked to vote to raise the county sales tax to pay for exactly the same thing again. If they vote for this tax, they really will be 'paying twice.'"


About "Letters to the Editor" and Senator Mark Norris' defense of the proposed "mere merger":

"Senator Norris, I wonder how you manage to accomplish anything with such a severe case of cognitive dissonance. Seems to me like your head would have exploded long ago. In a way, I'm awestruck."


Comment of the Week:
About "Letters to the Editor" and Senator Paul Ryan's stand on family planning:
"Kay Cooper and Paul Ryan and the entire GOP: Keep your rosaries away from my ovaries." — Try the Truth

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