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About "Charter School Diversity":
"The problem I have with a charter school in a wealthy neighborhood is that it would basically be a private prep school whose students attend on the public dime. It's actually quite a brassy move on the part of the school, if you think about it, a sort of de facto voucher program for the wealthy." — jeff

About "UCF 35, Tigers 17":
"I know that the score on the board is not what's in the heart of Memphis Tigers. This team played like their life depended on it, regardless of the mistakes they made." — Chakitra Hill

About "The Rant" and Germany's appreciation for Memphis music:
"Isn't it ironic that one has to go all the way to Berlin, what was once East Berlin at that, to see the history and accomplishments of Stax and Memphis?"

About "Broad Avenue Art Walk":
"I do think an article about what makes an arts district in Memphis is in order. Right now in Memphis, we are seeing the expropriation of art as a means to gentrify certain areas. In my mind, even more than commercial galleries, actual artist studios are what make for an arts district. Yes, it's the creation of art, not its selling, that defines an arts district." — Steven

Comments of the Week:
About "9th District Opponents Cohen and Flinn Square Off – Sort Of":
"I say we have both candidates stuff some pillowcases full of their own money and stage a pillow fight at the Shell – all proceeds benefit the Med."
— Scott Banbury

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