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About "Season Reflections":
"I think Rickey 'Show me the money' Peete and Janis 'I'll have another drink' Fullilove should be named King and Queen of the Memphis in May events. Either that or King and Queen of Memphis. It would be good for the community. That way you will let the children know that no matter what bad things you do, you will still be able to do great things." — clarion

About "The Year in Film":
"It's getting better, but sooooo many great movies never get a Memphis playdate. I was able to see Holy Motors (this year's best film) out of town, and it's a shame it won't get a week at a local movie house." — Winston

About "Strip Clubs, High Airfare, and Overton Square" and other news highlights from 2012:
"John Ford is Memphis." — tomguleff

About "A Midtown Christmas Story" in which John Branston writes about a Christmas Day car theft:
"Thank goodness this article reminded me. New Year 2013 resolution: Get the heck out of this town." — barf

About "Postgame Notebook: Sixers 99, Grizzles 89 — Don't Call It a Comeback. No, Really":
"I wonder, seriously, at what point do we question whether The Train is on the right tracks and if/when the new engineers will make a switch." — the server

About "The New Veterans" and problems some vets are having as they return home from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars:
"It is everyone's responsibility to help bridge the difficult gap returning home for these vets. They served us. It's our turn." — Ed Arnold

Comment of the Week:
About "Letters to the Editor" and the never-ending debate about gun control:
"Nothing will EVER change in this country. If 20 slain kindergarteners can't bring change, then nothing can.

I'm just going to accept it and hope that I'm not present at any of the next thousand mass shootings that will likely occur during my natural lifespan." — cdel


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