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About "Mays Moves Toward Special Master in Effort to Break School Logjam":
"I'm still confident something will work out. If all the bills this session fall though, I am fully prepared to call Crye-Leike and make Shelby County a part of my past. Good luck to the rest of you paying the bills if we all leave." — GroveReb84

About "The Rant" and Forrest Park:
"Why doesn't anyone make NYC change the name of Sherman Square Park at Broadway and Amsterdam Ave. at W. 70 St.? As far as I know, there was never any remorse for what Sherman did to the Southern civilians. Can you see how wrong changing the name of Forrest Park is? This name change is done out of hatred by folks who honor a man who said, 'Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.'" — Travis Reynolds

About "Successful Rapper, Producer David Banner Speaks at Rhodes College":
"It appears that Mr. Banner has figured it out. The mayor of Memphis should give him the key to the city to counteract the ridiculousness of Triple Six Mafia getting it years ago!" — Bakeman90

  • Greg Cravens

About "D.A.'s Office Refutes MPD Statement, Says Officers Still Under Investigation" for the shooting of Steven Askew:
"Remind me again. Who is the new police director? Did we hire Officer Barbrady from South Park while I wasn't looking?" — jeff

Comment of the Week:
About "Twenty Questions: What's a Special Master?" regarding the school system merger:
"Since the whole thing is a circus with the ringmaster being Mays, my choice is Prince Mongo. Because he probably doesn't care about one side or the other." — clarion

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