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About "Letter from the Editor" and ways to eliminate rats, which somehow evolved into comments about buying in bulk:

"We got a hell of a deal at Costco. 12,550 rolls of Charmin for $2,268.15. It takes up a whole bedroom but I don't expect to run out in the next 60 years. You know the old saying, 'You can never have enough toilet paper.'" — diogenes323

About "The Rant" and the "political slaughter" of President Obama:

"I hate Obama because he is Wall Street's boy and has been for a really long time. And because he and Hillary effectively block out what little chance we have for actual progressive leadership. Otherwise his act and his family are perfect. Somebody deserves an Oscar for casting these last six years." — CL Mullins

About "Haslam Disavows State Role in Local Car Inspection":

"Silly, myopic people. When the last tree is cut down to build another cul-de-sac, and the air quality looks like Bejing, Mexico City, or Vapi, India, some will say it's only because of Memphis. But hey, at least you won't have to pay a fee/tax to 'subsidize' a public employee. At the rate this state is going we will be Texas, minus the highways." — jrgolden

About "Griz Roster Prognosis: In Order of Probable Return":

"The Griz brass is in a tough spot. The front office appears to prefer Joerger but feels obligated to hire Hollins. It's kind of like, do you marry the girl (or guy) you are most passionate about and have many things in common with or do you marry the responsible, reliable one your friends and family like the best?" — Iggy

Comment of the Week:

About "Silky Sullivan Passes Away":

"Silky is in heaven with his cigar, and John Willingham is cooking ribs. What a party."

Jimmy Wagner


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