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From "Science Blogger Who Was Called an 'Urban Whore' Has Memphis Roots," about scientist Danielle Lee, who was asked "Are you an urban scientist? Or an urban whore?" after turning down an unpaid blogging job:

"That very question has kept me out of a lot of sticky situations. Especially in Tunica." — 38103

From "Prince Mongo to Give Up His Memphis Castle," about the Zambodian's plans to give Ashlar Hall to a worthy nonprofit:

  • Greg Cravens

"Contemporary Media needs to buy this place for Vance Lauderdale. It's got to be in better shape than the Lauderdale Mansion. One of these days, Vance is going to jerk out the old postcard or matchbook that's holding the whole thing up. He is too valuable to this community to let him perish when that old heap finally tumbles down on top of him." — Jeff

From "Guns Across the Border," an editorial about the effect of Mississippi's liberal gun laws on Memphis gun criminals:

"If you feel that you must carry a gun all of the time, concealed or not, then we as a society have failed." — mad merc


In response to a tweet about Toby Sells' story on Mayor A C Wharton issuing an order to eliminate the city's rape kit backlog:

"@MemphisFlyer he needs to issue an order to pay the School system the 57 million owed and issue an order stopping this tax hike vote."

The Rev @faithmade72

In response to a tweet linking to Liz Rincon's "Viewpoint" on Judge Joe Brown's sexist, homophobic, anti-party remarks at a roast of former Mayor Willie Herenton:

"@MemphisFlyer ... Come on, guys. That's what a roast is. It's supposed to be offensive and incendiary and private."

Katrina Coleman @KatrinaLColeman


From a post on the planned Hampline cycle track through Binghampton launching a crowd-sourced fund-raising campaign:

"It's all for nothing until crime is brought under control. Joggers cannot even use the Overton Conservancy tracks for thugs jumping them for their iPhones." — David M. Case


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