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  • Greg Cravens

From "Leave a Penny: Shortchanged man jailed after calling 9-1-1" and a man who called 911 when a gas station clerk short-changed him by a penny on his purchase of a Heineken.

"He would have had a better buzz at 201 if he'd bought 2 PBRs instead."

Scott Banbury

From "Legally Married Same-Sex Couples File Lawsuit in Tennessee" and four couples seeking recognition of their marriages by the state:

"I wish this couple the best. I'm pro-gay marriage. They should have the ability to marry and get the same benefits the rest of us do. We also shouldn't prohibit them from the pain of divorce." — GroveReb84

From "Suspect Charged in Millington Shooting" and charges filed against Amos Patton after he shot two fellow Guardsmen near the Millington naval base:

"Actions have consequences. He apparently was a good father and husband at one time. His willingness to serve our country also speaks of this being a 'change' in his character. I hope he gets the help he obviously needs after he has paid his debt. I am thankful his victims' wounds were not life-threatening and pray their recovery is swift and complete." — thecatsmeow

From "Delta Airlines to Cut More Flights" and the airline's plans to trim jobs and departure flights down to 40:

"Time to update the Facebook page, Delta Does Memphis to — oh, I dunno — 'Delta DOESN'T Memphis' or perhaps 'Delta Has Left the Building (in Memphis)'...?"



Response to a tweet about a Hungry Memphis post on Whole Foods' Germantown plans:

"Don't worry, there will be another Whole Foods in Midtown. They spread like an organic disease."

Scott Mickelson @FATOPIE


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