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From "Parents, Students Speak Out About Possible School Closures," a story about Shelby County Schools' proposal to shutter 13 schools:

"I understand the angst over the issue. Schools are really an anchor for a community, and by closing schools, you make the community around it even more likely to slip further into blight. That's why the school board struggles with this, even though there is so much underutilization in the city right now." — GroveReb84

From "Death Policy," about proposals for sedation and live-feed cameras in the animal shelter's euthanasia room:

"There is no excuse for not using sedation before euthanizing. It infuriates me when they say they have 'humanely euthanized' an animal, yet they admit to not using anesthesia. They really need new direction by a person that has some empathy for animals. We can do better than this Memphis!"


  • Greg Cravens

Also in the "Death Policy" comments, after one commenter said the Bible doesn't condone mistreatment of animals:

"The Bible is A-OK with lots of things we don't condone today. Like, you know, dashing the babies of your enemies against rocks, stoning disrespectful children, keeping slaves, having your women be silent in church. Do you honestly think that if Jesus were here today and you invited him to a dogfight, he'd be all like 'Not a sin, so let's go. I love me some dogfighting.'?" — Jeff

From "Public Rebuke," about the censure of Thomas Henderson:

"There are mistakes and mistakes, but withholding evidence from the defense, especially evidence that can support the accused plea of 'not guilty' is not a mere mistake. When this is done by a prosecutor, it is intentional, just as the state Supreme Court said. Anytime a murder conviction is overturned, that is a huge thing, not a simple mistake." — oldtimeplayer


Response to Flyer staffer Greg Akers' tweet about the "plebeian Chinese food" offered in the restaurant in Memphis City Hall:

"Appropriate given its location in the people's hall. Get your hoi polloi Chinese delicacies ELSEWHERE."

Kerry Hayes @Kerry901

Response to a Flyer tweet about former Grizzly Rudy Gay wearing UConn gear behind the bench at a Memphis Tigers game:

"Like I said, any time a Memphis team loses, I blame it on Rudy Gay."

Akram @itsakram


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