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About a letter referencing mayoral candidate Steve Mulroy's pursuit of a petty thief...

Brunetto Latini sarcastically mocks an anecdote in Jackson Baker's Politics column about County Commissioner Steve Mulroy. Let me help Mr. Latini understand why Steve Mulroy chasing a thief is "indicative of something mayoral that should elicit" his voting for Mulroy for mayor. I doubt Mulroy did a financial calculation before he took off running after this petty thief. Mulroy's instinctual act demonstrates a man of individual courage who will not let himself or this county be ripped off, and demonstrates a man who wants to combat all levels of crime in Shelby County. We may know Steve Mulroy as a brilliant law professor and legislator, but now we know he is also a man of action ...

Joseph Weinberg

About Tim Sampson's Rant on quitting smoking...

"The first thing that happens is you suddently hate everyone you know, including those you love, and you hate everything everyone says and does, and you even hate people you don't know." So quitting smoking turns you into a Tea Partier?


About Frank Murtaugh's webpost on the Tigers' loss to Uconn...

Josh Pastner is a wonderful human being and a good recruiter. However, we have reached the ceiling of his abilities, and we are not where we want to be as a program. The question is this: Can we find anyone who can take us to the level we want that won't make us feel queasy in our guts, the way Calipari made us feel? Is it reality to think that we can compete at the highest level without running a dirty program? That is something to think about.


  • Greg Cravens

About Bruce VanWyngarden's letter from the editor on an email comparing President Obama to Russian President Vladimir Putin...

I received the very same email and was shocked (something I am seldom accused of being) by the venality of it. It was forwarded by a man I deeply respect and find fascinating, but for his political beliefs and Old South mind-set. Thanks for sharing and adding your touch to the contemptible deep-ditch last gasp of this political faction.

Bill Butler

I'm afraid the American conservative movement has been taken over by those who favor homo-eroticism and stupid good-looking women. The two, figuratively, go hand in hand, as successful closeted males require a substantial gullibility level amongst their women, and the smart ones of this ilk know it.

CL Mullins

Obama thinks before he acts; personally, I really like a thinking president, for a change. I can see why Putin is Palin's idol — two of a kind...

Brenda Beasley Berretta

About Bianca Phillips' webpost: "Medical Marijuana Act Gains Entry to TN Senate"...

So funny, most of the people that I know that want it passed are fundamental Christian conservatives like myself. We are about less government, not more government. You have us confused with liberals who think they know better than you what you need. We know God put certain plants here for our use. I even believe in the legalization of all substances from plants used as medicines. The war on drugs should only be about poisons like meth, bath salts, and crap with zero natural origins.


Legalizing pot is an excellent way to bring down crime, because it will reduce the number of people convicted of possession/sales charges who are then sent to crime school — aka prison — by the state.

GW Carver

About "Setting the Stage," Bianca Phillips' story on a new stage at Dixon Gallery & Gardens...

The writer mistakenly referred to me as a landscape architect. A landscape architect is a design professional who is licensed to practice by the state of Tennessee. My academic training is in art, and I work as a professional garden designer and artist.

Tom Pellett 

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