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What They Said...

about that CBHS gay student, Foote Homes, Lesley Young's NOLA, and Obama and ISIS


  • Greg Cravens

About Bianca Phillips' post, "CBHS Sends Student Home After He Spoke Out Against Anti-gay Policy" ...

He was suspended for making them look bad.


Pro tip: If you don't want your school to get bad press, then just rectify the situation and treat your student fairly. Sending him home for a week as an ad hoc suspension isn't exactly going to minimize that bad press.


Don't be so quick to judge. We only know part of the story, the part the media want us to know. Get all the facts first. If the whole story were known, it might not be so press-worthy. I don't trust the media anymore. It's their agenda that gets out, not the whole story.


CBHS defenders are correct; it is a private school in a larger community. A community is also within its rights to ridicule that school for their petty actions.


Congratulations to the administrators of CBHS for escalating the situation. After reciting to this young man worn-out lies about gay people, they decided to be petty because he contacted the press. Sounds as if some professionalism is badly needed. I would like to caution this student, however, that it's more important that he finish the school year than seek change at CBHS.

Brunetto Latini

About Toby Sells' post, "Memphis Wins $30M for Foote Homes" ...

I hope they can remain in Foote Homes and not be dispersed throughout the city. I'm tired of government-sanctioned, city-sponsored blight from people who have no idea how to take care of a community and won't try to grab a clue.


Another fenced-in public housing project that was originally built to prevent people from assimilating being torn down? If so, good. A step forward.


About Lesley Young's travel story on New Orleans, "Wandering" ...

Dang, can I go with you the next time you visit New Orleans? I would love to follow you around to some of these off-the-beaten path spots in my favorite city for a quick getaway. No place else is remotely close.

Strait Shooter

About Toby Sells post, "Pinch Plan Moves Forward" ...

It's a blank slate only because the city and developers tore down most everything historic that could have been restored, renovated, and repurposed. It's a tragedy. That area is where Memphis was birthed. All Memphians are stakeholders in this critical area.

I hope the meetings will be well-publicized, more than a week in advance.

And the full plan that has been "dusted off" should be released to the public and the media at least two weeks in advance of meetings, so the participants will be informed as to what Jack Sammons and company have planned for us. Not everyone is included in the planning process yet. I hope the preservation groups, urban planners, and Downtown Neighborhood Association will be fully included. The Pinch almost lost its historic register listing recently and has been languishing for years. It's funny how, all of a sudden, there is this city and developer interest in this land.


About Obama and ISIS ...

Jeb Bush and other Republicans should not be allowed to get away with claiming the Obama administration is responsible for ISIS.

With the country united behind him — and most of the world — George W. Bush should have concentrated solely on destroying Al Qaeda completely after 9/11. Instead, Bush got us into an unnecessary war in Iraq that wasted the lives of 4,491 U. S. service members and allowed Al Qaeda to become a force there, from which ISIS became an offshoot. If Bush had not gotten us into Iraq and had focused on destroying Al Qaeda as he should have, we never would have heard of ISIS. The Bush administration, along with all of its other failures, is also responsible for ISIS' existence.

Philip Williams

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