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A look back at the best, worst, and weirdest comments of 2009 from



There was a lot to talk about last year: Tiger Woods, Memphis mayor Willie Herenton's mid-term resignation, the mayoral election to replace him, John Calipari leaving, the local Burger King that said global warming doesn't exist.

Below, we've selected some of the most interesting comments from, including a winner to the tightly contested race for Comment of the Year. And we're sorry, Zip, Phlo, B, Mad Merc, Jeff, Rantboy, Packrat — you put up a valiant effort, but a dark-horse candidate came from behind to win it all. Please do not go on a nine-day Hennessy binger. There's always next year.

• About a profile of local vocal impressionist Paul Shanklin, who made news after a copy of his CD — including the song "Barack the Magic Negro" — was sent to members of the Republican National Committee:

"It would be hypocritical of me to enjoy one of my favorite protest songs (Legendary K.O.'s 'George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People') while denying Republicans the right to take comfort in theirs (Legendary K.O.'s 'George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People')." — fancycwabs

• About Bruce VanWyngarden's discussion of "Amish" heaters:

"Yeah, I'm going to buy one of these heaters, too. And I want one of those blankets with the sleeves to go with it so that instead of Amish, I will look like a Druid sitting by my mantel." — rantboy

• About local reaction to a presidential address:

"If I hear [Marsha Blackburn] call herself a 'maverick' just one more time, I will honestly PUKE in a sack and have it delivered to her office." — John Terrell

• About "On Target?," an account of trying to obtain a handgun permit:

"I don't particularly care for the Memphis Flyer as a whole, but it is at least some balance to The Communist Appeal. As a right-wing gun nut, I enjoyed the article."


About "This Ol' Crack House," an April cover story about what happens to homes after being boarded up by the Memphis Police Department's Blue Crush initiative:

"BlueCrush: Shuffling criminals around, one block at a time." — rkcy_mtn_nus

About "Herenton vs. Cohen: Maybe There's Logic to It":

"After contemplating a life in the private sector, Mayor Herenton realized he probably couldn't get an honest job washing cars, so it's off to Washington, where catfish are jumping and the livin's easy." — jeff

About a May story about Mike Fleming getting laid off by Clear Channel:

"Maybe they'll get ... Marilyn Loeffel to take his place. She can wax outrage at naughty song lyrics for hours and then pray about it, too." — packrat

About a new law that allows guns in bars and restaurants:

"If some crazy shoots up the Arcade while I am having a Pert sandwich, I am going to be pissed. Rootin Tootin."


"Nothing goes together like alcohol and firearms." — mad_merc

• About one of the biggest stories of the year: A local Burger King franchise called global warming 'baloney':

"I have not eaten at a Burger King in almost 10 years but I WILL CERTAINLY BUY ONE WHOPPER A DAY FOR THE NEXT MONTH just to show my support." — ConFlyRdr

"Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, global warming don't upset us ..." — B

• About the federally funded marijuana growing and testing facility in Mississippi:

"As far as I can tell the whole point of this story was ... was ... what were we talking about? ... You guys wanna go get some barbecue or something?" — Phlo

• About Herenton's announcement that he would resign:

"I haven't seen so many smiles in this town since the U of M basketball team beat UCLA in '08." — Phlo

• About the mayoral election:

"Who needs Prince Mongo when we can have a mayor in Spandex?" — B

• About rescued dogs being trained to do police work:

"I think it's awful that we have to look outside our city's borders to find competent dog officers. What happened to MPD's residency requirement?" — KerryHayes

• About "Ex-Legislator Kathryn Bowers Is Back After Completing Prison Term":

"Will she play for the Eagles?" — tomguleff

• About the end of the Calipari era:

"I'm ashamed I was one of the many who shed the proverbial tear while reading the 'He's Gone' headline months ago in the CA. Whatta chump I was." — Phlo

• About "Trouble in Paradiso?":

"The Paradiso has been Memphis' biggest baby-sitting service for years." — B

• About "Ronnie Grisanti's To Close This Weekend":

"Where are all the Cougars going to hunt now?" — slagmt

• About September's mayoral debate:

"Mongo isn't as big a fool as Whalum. Mongo is a sane man pretending to be crazy. Whalum is a crazy man who thinks he's sane." — jeff

• About "Lowery Says Wilkins Out, Jefferson 'Sick,'":

"Myron is going to need a much bigger broom to clean that house." — mad_merc

• About "Pyramid + Bass Pro = Times Square?":

"If anyone seriously believes that Bass Pro is going to turn the Pinch into a miniature version of Times Square, I've got a Pyramid I'd like to sell you. Oh, wait a minute. Never mind." — autoegocrat

• About a November raid of the Memphis animal shelter, which found animals starving to death:

"A society that can let a puppy starve can kill babies." — julie noir

• About the controversial issue of speed-bump construction:

"Meet me on Avalon for the first annual Memphis Speed Bump 'Bullitt' Memorial Contest. ... First one to catch air under all four tires wins." — AliasElias

About Arlington mayor Russell Wiseman's Facebook comments about Barack Obama:

"I believe Einstein said it better than anyone: The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has limits."


Comment of the Year:

We admit to being a little biased about the subject matter at hand, but the comment of the year was in reaction to a piece in April entitled "New Layoffs Begin at The Commercial Appeal":

"If informing people and influencing their thinking isn't like brain surgery, then your expectations of journalism [are] way lower than mine. Good journalists change societies ... what brain surgeons do that much?" — 38138

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